Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free online casino game is known to the players due to its unique bee-based gameplay. To the surprise of its players, the game has no Wild symbol. There is, however, a Free Falls bonus symbol and round jotting down winnings for its players. This round is similar to a free spins round in most slots. You also have a Honey Jar Island-World feature worth tasting out. Read this review to know more.

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The Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free Online Slot

Beehive Bedlam is a creation of the online casino gaming developer known as Core Gaming. This slot comes with a beehive 7x7 grid-like structure. You can achieve a winning combination when you land five identical symbols. This can be either vertically or horizontally. By winning, you will gradually fill a ‘Pollen Count’ meter at the right side of your screen.

In the Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free slot, you have a number of symbols available. These symbols are as follows: Four flowers each with different colours, a beekeeper and a Honeybee called Buzz.

Beehive Bedlam Has A Free Fall Bonus Symbol

Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free slot has no Wild symbol. However, it has a Free Fall bonus symbol. With this bonus icon, you will get to play the bonus round in this slot. The Free Fall bonus feature involves you landing three free fall symbols on the grid. When you do, you will trigger this bonus feature.

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Bonus Features In Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free Slot

You can achieve a maximum of 15 Free Falls in Beehive Bedlam Best Bonus Free Slot. This will happen when you land a total of six Free Fall icons on the 7x7 beehive grid.

There is a Honey Jar Island World bonus feature in this slot. If you look to the left side of the playing screen, you will see a Honey Jar. To trigger this bonus feature, you would have to fill this jar. The jar gets filled only when you land a minimum of three matching beekeeper symbols on the 7x7 beehive grid.  

As you keep landing matching beekeeper symbols and winning, the jar fills up. Once the honey jar is filled, you are taken to the Honey Jar Island World bonus round. This is a level-up feature comprising of ten levels. By finishing these levels, you will receive a grand cash award.

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To Sum Up

The graphics and animation in this online slot are really good. The sound effects and theme-music are also decent. You have a low variance and you can win small amounts of cash, but for much longer.


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