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Live Blackjack 2 is a standard classic game but with a twist of a real dealer facing multiple cameras in a professional set up studio. This online Blackjack real money game has wonderful graphics that looks very real as in a traditional casino. There is a royal jazz music playing in the background that gives you a VIP feel. The game is played with six decks of 52 cards each that are shuffled after each game. The cards used here are real and that makes players who prefer real casinos comfortable. The betting limit in this game is from £1 to £500 per hand. You can play this variant of Blackjack using mobile phone or tablet too. So come to this tiny world of incredible adventures and have fun.

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This ultimate realistic online Blackjack real money game was created by NetEnt. A developer who has proven the best choice for hundreds of online casinos and millions of players with their mind-blowing games. They also possess a huge experience of over twenty years in this very industry that has made them ultimate perfectionists.

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To win in this online Blackjack real money game, you must beat the dealer by a scoring point more than him but less than twenty-one. If you cross this limit, you not only get a BUST but you will lose the entire hand and the bets you have placed on it. Likewise, if the dealer crosses this limit, you get to be the winner. The best part is the dealer cannot draw after sixteen and must stand at seventeen in all games. However, the player has the option to stand much before 16 and even draw after 17. So this makes winning an easy deal for the player, provided right strategies are applied. This game requires a bit of luck but more of strategies that are possible with the game’s real-time statistics. It shows the dealer’s last ten hands along with the percentage of Blackjack hands.

  • Insurance Payout: In case the dealer gets an Ace as his/her first card, you will be prompted to take insurance. If you accept then you are paid two to one if the dealer gets Blackjack. If you deny then you cannot win anything unless the game continues without the dealer getting Blackjack.
  • Split Hands: In this online Blackjack real money game, every time you get identical valued cards from the deal, you can split your hand. The split hands will receive a second card each and you can play both the hand with standard rules.
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This online Blackjack real money is one of the best live dealer features game with high-quality graphics and sounds. The atmosphere makes you feel you are in a real casino and with help of the dealer, you can play more efficiently too.

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