Is it Safe to Play at a Live Casino?


If you’re reading this article we can probably make the assumption that you’ve yet to step foot in an online casino’s live casino yet and you’re wanting to check that it’s all above board and safe to use. If you’re not looking to read a giant wall of text giving you the ins and outs about it we can give you a quick answer just now – yes! Live casino’s are incredibly safe to use and you really have absolutely nothing to worry about, and as an added seal of approval we can even admit we play at them ourselves all the time and have never run into even the slightest of problems. If that’s not a satisfying enough answer for you then we recommend you read on and we’ll give you all the information you need to know to put your mind at rest.

Are live online casinos safe

The first thing you’ll want to know when it comes to the safety of live casinos online is that it isn’t the casino itself that’s the regulator – it’s the government and the licensing agencies. If you want to know if a casino is safe or not the only thing you need to look for is it’s license that will usually be at the very bottom of a casino’s homepage made clear for everyone to see. What this license means is that’ the site has gone through rigorous tests to ensure that they’re well equipped to be able to run a casino in all areas.

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When a casino first applies for a gambling license it must meet certain criteria in order to be accepted and we’ll give you a rundown of just what the government looks at when decided who’s allowed one. The first thing the licensing committee looks at is to ensure that the person applying for the gambling license is who they say they are. This is to make sure they know who they’re dealing with and they are a trusted source.

Once this has been verified they then look into that person’s history to make sure they’ve had no criminal charges against them, they’ve had no part in any fraud, and that they aren’t in any debt. The first two are pretty obvious searches to make sure the casino owner isn’t a crook trying to take people’s money and the debt check is there to make sure that the casino has enough money to run all their services, pay their employees, and of course to make sure they can pay out players.

Not only that though but the gambling commission will also check that the person applying for the license actually has some experience in the dealings and running of a casino to the point where they’re happy they know exactly what they’re doing and how to run a casino properly.

safe live casinoThe licensing committee will also ensure that the casino meets all standards when it comes to protecting player funds which means they start by making sure that player deposit money/funds are separated from the businesses operating funds and that the casino isn’t using the player’s money to pay for things. Not only that but they also make sure they have state of the art cyber security in place to ensure while the money is in their accounts it is completely safe!

Finally, the gambling commission will ensure that the live casino is being completely honest with all their promotions and are being fair to their players. This is just as important as the previous points in our view as players don’t want to feel like a site is trying to hustle them out of a few bucks through dishonesty for their own personal gain.

If an applicant who’s applied for a gambling license meets these standards then the gambling commission will only then allow them to have a gambling license which is why if you’re ever want to find out the legitimacy of a site it’s the license that you want to look for. And there’s no need to worry about a site meeting all these standards and then letting their standards slip either as the gambling commission will make regular checks on site’s to make sure they’re still keeping up to standard which is why licenses are only granted for around a year at a time and why the longer a casino has been around, generally the more you can trust it!

What makes this whole process all the more safer for players is that the UK gambling commission is run by the government and they’re an independent authority who don’t profit from the casinos themself. There are a few authorities out there that offer gambling licenses to players with some of them being located in Gibraltar while some in Malta however if a site wants to offer games to UK players then they must have passed the UK gambling commission’s standards as we’ve previously stated.

What makes live casino’s even safer than this is that generally the software provider of the live casino is not owned by the casino itself. The main software providers of live casinos include NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech who don’t actually own a casino themselves and just rent out their services to the many well known casinos who all use their software so it’s not the casinos themselves who are the one playing out the games for you.

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Overall then we hope we’ve given you a much better understanding of the safety regulations that go on being a Live Casino Deposits in order to give you protection and allow for safe gaming. The first thing you want to look for to check out a site’s legitimacy is its gambling license as if it has one of these you know it’s gone through all the rigorous safety checks making sure everything from the owner to the business itself is all above board and experienced enough to run a fun, enjoyable, and safe casino!