Why play at a live casino


If you’ve found yourself asking the question of whether or not you should make the switch to playing at a live casino then you’re already on track to one of the best gaming decisions you’ll ever make – and that’s to make the switch because playing at a live casino comes with a huge amount of benefits and pretty much 0 downsides in comparison.

So why should you play at a live casino

Since you’re asking this question we’ll assume you’ve probably never played at a live casino then and so we’ll give you a little rundown of what it’s like before letting you in on all the positives. To start what a live casino is doing is it’s giving you the looks, sights, sounds, and feel of being in an actual live casino without actually being there. How it does this is by live streaming a table of your choice directly into your mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC where you can see the table, talk to the dealer, and even play around with the chips if you’d like to just as you would in an actual live casino.

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And due to the advancements in technology as well as internet speeds increasing you’re having all this happen in realtime with no lag, and what you see on the screen is actually happening there and then in the casino and when you type a message to the dealer they’ll be able to instantly respond to you with no delay at all.

Now on the surface we’re sure you can already think of a good few advantages to using live casinos as the way to do your gaming but there’s probably some additional advantages you’ll get that you maybe haven’t thought about. The first advantage you get from playing at a live casino is probably also the one you’ll immediately think of when you realise it exists, and that’s the freedom of getting to play whenever’s convenient for you, and wherever you want as well. Because the only criteria for playing at a live casino is having an internet connection this means that anytime you have your mobile phone handy you’ll be able play a few games face to face with a live dealer and when we say anywhere and anytime we truly mean it whether that’s in your bathtub at 4 in the morning, while on your coffee break at work, or even just settled up on the couch at night the time and choice of when to play is all yours!

The second advantage you get to playing at a live casino is the fact that you’re still soaking up that rich casino atmosphere you’re used to taking in whether that’s the sound of chips, the idle chit chat of a dealer, or simply the sound of the roulette ball spinning around the wheel as you make your bets! This is something that land based casinos have always been able to offer players but not something that online casinos had however with live casinos that’s all changed which gives them a distinct perk over playing not just at a land based casino but at an online one too!

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The third advantage you get from playing at a live casino is a pretty simple one, but one that really shouldn’t be underrated and it’s the choice of games you have available to you. When you’re at your local casino you’ll find there’s usually only a handful of tables available to the public which mainly consists of Blackjack or Roulette and they can be pretty crowded affairs too. This is understandable as land based casinos are quite pressed for space and are only catering to the people local to their area. This isn’t the case with online casinos however as their player pool includes everyone in the United Kingdom and then even some from overseas. Because of this live casinos are able to offer players a much wider range of games to play that extend far beyond just Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker and include plenty of variations of these games plus lesser seen games such as Baccarat and Sic Bo. Basically, if there’s a game or variation of a game you want to play then the easiest place to find it will be at a live casino. Not only that but there’s also multiple dealers offering the same game so you get to pick and choose between your favourites which has the added bonus that the player to dealer ratio is much lower!

The final advantage that live casinos offer players over their land based counterparts will be to many the defining factor when it comes to where to play and that’s the bonuses you get here. The online casino industry has many places all looking for your business and so to entice you to pick their casino over anyone else’s they will all be offering you some pretty juicy bonuses when you sign up. The amount you’re looking to play with on a site will normally be the thing that determines how much money you’re going to get off a site however even if you’re willing to deposit a few hundred pounds over good few deposits you can expect just as much back in return if not more. Not only that but there’s also deposit bonuses at live casinos too where site’s will give you a free £10 or £15 to play with to check out the site and see if it’s the place for you before you even make a deposit which is an awesome way to find the perfect live casino for you and make a little money while you’re at it!

All in all we’d have to say the advantages to playing at a live casino are nothing short of substantial and you’d quite frankly be crazy not to at least give it a try. Playing from the comfort of your own home is a pretty huge advantage especially when you still get to keep that vibrant atmosphere, combine that with the extra games available to you and the added bonuses then live casinos are really a no brainer choice as the place to be!

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