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Roulette is one of the most exciting betting games you can play, there is a great thrill that comes when you play this extraordinary game of luck. While Roulette is a pretty easy game to understand there are many ways of playing, stretching out your odds of winning and giving players the choice to play from small amounts to rather large bets.

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Why play Live Roulette online

Online Casinos will offer many different Roulette wheels for players to choose from, however one of the most exciting ways to play is at the live wheel. Play Live Online Casino online from the comfort of your own home, while still getting the same thrills that you would find when playing in a land based casino. So when you log into your favorite Live Online Casino, head to the Live Roulette section, here you will be able to choose which table you would like to play at.

When you play at the Live casino roulette wheel it will be live streamed to you from a land based casino, so you will be able to see and hear the dealer while you play, and you will also be able to watch them as they spin the wheel. Another great part of Live Dealer Casinos as you play, this does make a much more interesting game by adding in communication and having someone else there with you while you play.

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Those new to live Roulette will find that it is the exact same as you find online or in a Casino, there is not really much new to it apart from the fact that it is live streamed. So if you are a regular player at the Roulette table then you will be able to jump right in and enjoy the excitement. For those who are maybe not as familiar with the game we will give you a little information on how the game is played, this way you will have a better understanding when you play. So when you enter a Live Roulette table the first thing that will be brought to your attention will be the live dealer standing next to the Roulette wheel, but you will also see your table where bets are placed. The betting table will have the numbers 0 – 36, the numbers will be red and black with 0 always being green. This information is important as you have the option to place a bet on a red or black section.

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The live Roulette table will have a minimum bet and this will differ depending on which online casino and which table you choose to play at, the minimum bet will usually be shown to you before you enter the Live roulette room.

When it comes to playing it is pretty simple, you will choose the number/numbers you want and you will place the minimum to maximum bet on them, when the ball drops if it lands on a number you have placed a bet on you win! So it’s a pretty easy game to pick up on, however playing goes further than this are there are more bets to be placed such as, split, corner, number ranges and so on. But once you enter the live roulette table you will be able to work it out pretty quick, and all other bets and choices will become clear the more you familiarise yourself with the game, allowing you to really enjoy all of the fun and excitement the Live Roulette table has to offer.

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