Live Casino Withdrawals


If you’re in the fortunate spot where you’re looking to make a withdrawal after a happy session at a live casino online you’ll be equally pleased to hear there are plenty of different withdrawal options for you to make depending regardless of how you made your deposit onto the site. The first thing we feel we should mention is that if you have won money at an live casino online you don’t need to worry that you aren’t going to get your money for as long as you played at a licensed site there is absolutely nothing to worry about and the withdrawal process is very similar to the depositing process.

Withdrawing from a live online casino

Now that the safety memo is out the way we should start by letting you what your withdrawal options are starting with the main one which is a bank wire transfer, these are slowly becoming less and less popular as a withdrawal method for players simply because they take a bit longer than most other methods to come through however they are about as safe as humanly possible and they are used by every live casino online so it’s a good starting point.

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If you have a Visa card then we’d say this is a much more preferable method for you to choose as a deposit method as this method is a little bit quicker, and there’s no charges involved. If you’re looking for exact numbers then we’d say you’re looking at about three days for this to be processed which is pretty good in online banking terms! Visa is probably our favourite withdrawal method however you do need to own a Visa debit or credit card to use this service.

Next on the list is a name that we’re sure you’ll all have heard of before which is Paypal, the online service which is one of the most popular online banking methods around nowadays. Paypal is incredibly easy to set up as you only need an email address to create an account. Paypal is used in 190 countries worldwide and can be used to pay for things in pretty much any online shop. Furthermore paypal lets you transfer cash into your bank through them so you don’t need to put your bank details on various sites.

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After this most of the other methods are very similar as they’re all forms of online banking just by different companies. Most of these companies are known worldwide and you may have even heard of a few of them yourself as the names include Skill, Neteller, and Click2Pay to name but a few and registering to create an account with any one of these online banks is incredibly easy and you’ll be able to select them as a method to withdraw which will once again take around 3 days to process.

All in all we’d have to say there’s a lot of quick and easy methods for you to choose from when it comes to making a withdrawal and you’ll find that your money will never be stuck in an online account unusable. If you’re new to the online scene our recommendation would be to use the Visa method of withdrawal or bank transfer if you don’t have Visa as they are the simplest to use however if you are a little more online savvy then you may want to look at an online banking method as they will often offer a couple of cool little perks for you!

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