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Baccarat may be one of the lesser known table games you’ll find at a land based casino however it’s just as exciting as the rest of them and for many it’s the best around. If you’ve never played a game of Baccarat before we can’t honestly say we’re all that surprised to hear as not every casino out there can afford to run it as unfortunately land based casinos have a big issue when it comes to space. Luckily though there’s one place where that’s not an issue and that’s the live casino sections of online casinos who aren’t just able to host live Baccarat tables, but they’re able to host them in every shape and size imaginable!

What exactly is Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a bit of a unique game in the live casino world as it isn’t a game where it’s you vs the dealer as you can actually bet on either yourself or the dealer to make the winning hand, or if you wish you can even bet on a draw. Baccarat is a game based around points where the value of the card is how much it’s worth for example the 2 of diamonds is worth two points, and face cards are worth 0 while the ace is worth 1. At the end of a game a player’s) score is only the last digit in that player’s point total so a point total of 15 would produce a final score of 5 while a point total of 8 would produce a score of 8.

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The game begins by having both the dealer and the player being dealt two face up cards each and the total points of each player determines what happens next. If either player ends up with a point total of 8 or 9 after two cards then the game will come to an end with the highest score winning. If neither player reached this score then another Scratchcards will be drawn from the deck for the player and depending on what number he drew and what score the banker currently has determines whether or not he also draws, at which point the final scores are given. Fortunately, there’s a chart at every Live Dealer Casinos will take another card so this isn’t something you need to worry about.

This is everything you need to know about Play Live Online Casino the game. There are several advantages to playing live Baccarat over Baccarat in a land based casino or just online in general and the first of those is you know when you enter the live casino section of a site they will actually have it!

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Not only that but because you play through your pc or mobile you have the freedom to play wherever you want and whenever you want too which is luxury that allows you to turn 10 minute downtimes into action packed minutes instead!

The other big advantage you get to playing live Baccarat is you still get to soak up that rich and vibrant casino atmosphere as when you select the live table you’re happy with you’ll be beamed into a casino and face to face with a dealer who will happily chat along and play the game out for you.

All in all we’d have to say there’s no better version of Baccarat to be had than live Baccarat as it manages to combine the best of both worlds giving you that freedom and luxury to play whenever you want and wherever you are while still being able to give you a vibrant atmosphere and personal touch that makes the games all the more enjoyable!

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