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As you may be already aware of the different variations and formats of Roulette game, you would be wanting to know what to expect from this. Well, this is a Double Zero Roulette with a both single zero and double zero positions on the table. The game is played using basic American Roulette table with a number from 1 to 36. In this Roulette free phone casino, you can experience a realistic gaming with high-quality graphics. There is a fine polished wooden wheel table with the betting table in front of you. There is a classic jazz music that you can listen to in the background too. The betting here starts with £0.01 and maximum goes up to £2000 per position. However, the limit is different for each type of betting area on the table. Give us one try; we don’t need second chances!


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This wonderful Roulette free phone casino game was created by NextGen Gaming (NYX). One of the most popular games development companies in the world of casinos. They create games using modern technologies that allow users to play using their mobile devices as well.


About the game

  Double Zero Roulette

Players Can Enjoy Slots and Table Games for Fun When Playing in Demo Mode – Deposit Required


This Roulette free phone casino game is played on an American table with two zero positions; single and the double zeros. The numbers are placed in alternate black and red pockets on the wheel with both the zeros in green pockets and positions exactly in opposite direction. The betting rules remain the same as you can bet using a single number or multiple numbers of your choice from the table. There are four other betting types in the inside area of the table. They are line with six numbers, corner with four, street with three and split into two numbers.

  • Betting Payouts: The payouts of this Roulette free phone casino game are as follows. The highest reward is when you win with a single number bet that gives 35:1 on your bet. The split, street, corner and line gives you a reward of 17, 11, 8 and 5 times respectively on your total bet.
  • Outside Betting: There are five types of outside bets in this game. They are high-low with numbers 19-36 and 1-18 respectively, red-black pockets, odd-even numbers, a column with twelve numbers and a dozen with 12 numbers. The pay here is one to one for all except column and dozen that pays two to one on your betting.

Players Can Enjoy Slots and Table Games for Fun When Playing in Demo Mode – Deposit Today! Needed

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With American table format that offers exciting options where you can get the opportunity to win from, this Roulette free phone casino is simply the best variant online.

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