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Roulette has always been a favourite among the players because of two reasons: huge wins and uncomplicated gameplay. Playing Roulette on online casinos has made it even more attractive as it is presented in the real casino atmosphere but without you actually going there. Christmas Roulette keeps the basics of the game unchanged while presenting the game with the festive cheer. This roulette bonus free spins game lets you enjoy the Christmas spirit as you play the game.

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Net Entertainment is developing casino software since 1996 and has over 200 games under their name. The company is known for developing games that come with excellent visuals and great functions. This roulette bonus free spins game from NetEnt is one of the live dealer games developed the company.

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  Christmas Roulette  

This roulette bonus free spins game is a festive special and you can see all sorts of festive characters as well as decorations all around the studio. The dealer is also dressed for the occasion in festive clothes. Basically, the game is same as any Roulette game you might have played albeit the entire look and décor of the game is done keeping the festive theme in mind. Everything appears to be fantastical and magical.

With every spin, the Christmas spirit makes it even more interesting. The live dealer studio is filled with vibrant and shining Christmas decorations. Various Christmas characters greet you. A dashing but professional dealer is also present.

A game of luck, Roulette can be played with little skills and no rules are required to be remembered to play this extremely simple game. Begin by simply placing your chips on a colour/number or a combination as a bet and you don’t have to do anything else. The dealer spins the ball and you just have to wait and hope that it stops on a slot which your bet covered.

Quite a few bet options are provided by the roulette bonus free spins game. You can place a straight bet to place a bet on a single number. It can also be a split bet in which you place bet on two consecutive numbers. Street bet will allow you to bet on 3 adjacent numbers and there are many others.

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This roulette bonus free spins game will let you enjoy the game with extra festive cheer. All this makes you come back for more every time you play this game.

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