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Online casinos came as a boon for the casino players who didn't want to travel long distances to play their favourite casino games. However, the excitement of the land-based casino was lacking in these. The solution to that issue has come in the form of live dealer games which are aired directly from a studio into your comfort zone along with a live dealer assisting with the proceedings of the game. Blackjack VIP is the live dealer game that lets players place higher bets than usual. Enjoy these games right from where you are.and let our hard work turn into a smile on that lovely face of yours.


Online Casino Blackjack VIP


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NetEnt is a casino software giant and has created more than 200 games since 1996. The games developed by them consist of flawless graphics as well as a variety of innovative features. The company has developed some great casino games with a live dealer and this online casino Blackjack VIP game is one of them.


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As in the traditional game, you have to collect higher points than the dealer in order to win in this online casino Blackjack VIP game. The big difference between this version and the classic Blackjack is the betting range provided. As is evident from the name of the game, this one caters to the high rollers. It comes with a much higher betting range than the traditional game. And because the bets are higher, the payouts are also much higher than the standard game.

Seven players can play this online casino Blackjack VIP game at the same time at one table but they all play against the dealer and not with each other. All the players receive two open cards while the dealer receives one open and one close card. The dealer stands on all 17’s and in order to defeat the dealer you need to get more points than him. However, your total points should not be more than 21 points, in which case you will lose the bet. If your initial two cards include a ten-valued card and an Ace then it is a Blackjack for you which makes you win the bet. If your score is less than 21 and the dealer busts then also you will win the bet.

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The basic rules of the traditional Blackjack are used in this game which makes it much easier for the players who are familiar with the game. The online casino Blackjack VIP game offers an impressive RTP of 99.5% to the players.

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