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Live Blackjack Standard is a single hand version of the classic game that offers a live environment for a realistic experience. The game features a real human dealer just like in a traditional land-based casino. The only difference is the setup is in a professional studio with high-end cameras for ultimate quality. This game is ideal for those who prefer playing at a real casino. The game is played with six decks of 52 cards each and has seven positions to pick from. The limits for betting in this game is set from £1 to £2500 per turn on your hand. This live casino Blackjack free bonus game also shows various statistics on the screen to help you win effectively.

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This realistic live casino Blackjack free bonus game was created by NetEnt, an innovative casino games provider. With plenty of experience and skills that match the requirement for high-tech gaming, they have always been a number one choice among online casinos and their players.

About Live Blackjack Standard And Additional Features

Live Casino Blackjack

The rules of this live casino Blackjack free bonus single hand game is similar to that of any other variant. Here you will be playing against the dealer and therefore two cards are dealt both to you and the dealer. Whoever scores closest to 21 points will win the hand. But the player always has an advantage in this game. That is because the dealer must stand at 17 in all games but the player can draw after this or hold anytime before reaching 17 points. However, if you go beyond 21, you lose that hand and the bet amount you have wagered. Similarly, if the dealer crosses 21, you get to win the hand and take away a reward of one to one. The highest you can win is with a Blackjack hand where the pay is three to two times.

  • Split and Double Down: This is the only time when you get to exceed the max bet limit of £2500. When the first two cards make a total of 9, 10 or 11, you can double the bet amount and stand a chance to win more. You can split your hand into two separate hands when both your cards are of identical value.
  • Game Stats: The statistics on the screen of this live casino Blackjack free bonus shows last ten hand results of the dealer. It also shows the percentage of Blackjack, pushes, busts, and wins. These help you plan your betting strategy for future games more efficiently.

Blackjack Free BonusSummary:

With plenty of impressive features and a live dealer option, this live casino Blackjack free bonus is one of the simplest variants.

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