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There are plenty of variants on online casinos of the all-time favourite casino games, Roulette. Golden Ball Roulette is the latest version of the game from NetEnt. This is a highly interactive game that lets a player interact directly with the live dealer. You can also be a Golden Ball winner in this free Roulette signup bonus game if you place the topmost bet for 20 spins straight. If that happens then you are either rewarded with a fixed amount or a percentage of the bet made by you. Hit the free Slots and play on until eternity!

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Net Entertainment was founded in 1996 in Sweden by owners of a very prominent land-based casino. The company has emerged as a successful casino software developer and supplier in the last two decade. This free Roulette signup bonus game is another live dealer game developed by them.


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  Golden Ball Roulette  

You need to pick a Golden Ball table first. After that, you are required to place your bets on this free Roulette signup bonus game. One of the players from the table is selected to be the Golden Ball player. This player gets the Golden Ball button while all other players get the standard view as well as gameplay. The Golden Ball player gets to tell the dealer when to release the ball onto the Roulette wheel. After the ball has stopped spinning, the dealer announces which is the winning number. Whichever player has placed a bet on that number gets a reward as per the preset payout rule.

An animated panel which assists the selected player is present on the screen to make life easier for him. A ten-second window is there to announce to the dealer when to release the ball.

This free Roulette signup bonus game also offers a jackpot reward that is available to see in the lobby of the game. The players can see from the countdown when the Jackpot will actually take place. Once the event has happened, the leaderboard lets everyone know the names of top three winners.

The key features of this game are as follows:

  • The reward is decided by the dealer.
  • This game is played in the tournament style.
  • Interactive game with X-Mode feature
  • Big Jackpot reward event
  • Betting is facilitated by the Racetrack
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This free Roulette signup bonus game is an interesting variation of the classic game which takes player-dealer interaction to another level.

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