Have a Great Time With Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders Online Video Slot Machine

Brought to you by Microgaming as a sequel to the amazing Big Kahuna Slot Game as an android slots no deposit game, this is packed with more excitement and fun. Play the game at our hottest casino Strictly Cash and enjoy more with more pay lines, more and more free spins and a special bonus game.

Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders take the hype of its forebear to a new high. Play the game and have a great time!

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Background and Theme of the Game Played Under Android Slots Deposit Today! - Join Now!

Just like the predecessor, this game is also set on the backdrop of the wilderness of the tropics. The background presents the picturesque island where everything is natural and beautiful. The theme being everything wild yet paradise – like, there has to be something especially menacing as well. The snakes give you the ultimate feeling of being where you are. They come and go and try to impede your game whenever they appear.

The Symbols of the Game Played At Mobile Casino Welcome Bonus Deposit Today!

Big Kahuna - Snakes and Ladders

Everything about the android slots no deposit game from Microgaming is oozing with colour and brightness. The symbols are sumptuous tropical fruits and chirping animated monkeys. You just feel relaxed while playing this delightfully warm game.

The game sign is the wild symbol for the game that you may play and enjoy at our super casino Strictly Cash which has many Android slots no deposit games. The Snake and Ladder are the scatter symbol, which cannot be substituted for by the wild.

You will be highly ecstatic to find that the wild is also a multiplier for all your winnings. The only time that it doesn’t do so is when you are lucky to get 5 Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders symbols in a single spin. However, this combination itself is going to give you big – time payout of 5000 to 100,000 credits and it, of course, depends on how much you have bet on each round.

How To Play The Game on Mobile Phone Casino Deposit Today!

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The game consists of 5 reel and 15 paylines, an addition of 6 lines of the original game. You can wager a maximum of 20 coins for each payline in this android slots no deposit game. The game is full of super hit bonus games that will keep you glued to your seat and will make you play the game on and on.

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Bonus Features For Big Kahuna Snakes & Ladders Game on Deposit Today! Casinos For Android Phones

The following are the normal and special bonus features of the game:

  • Free Spins Bonus Round – These are awarded at random and the winnings are doubled in these rounds.
  • You get to play a special bonus game if you hit upon the snakes and ladder symbol on reels 1, 3 or 5 on any round. This bonus game will require you to play a simple hand in snakes and ladders game.
  • You can grab a mask that will multiply your winning 100 times if you can reach the topmost position in the snakes and ladder game.

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