Cosmic Cat

Get to Play Online Slots with Bonus Games like Cosmic Cat for an Entertaining Gambling Experience

The online slots with bonus games make it possible for players to take part in exciting gambling ventures online anytime they want. At Strictly Cash we give our players access to wonderful games like Cosmic Cat which can be played using bonus offers like free spins.

Online Slots with BonusSlots Online Games tend to be updated every Now and Then – Registrujte se sada!

All the online slots with a  bonus game that is on offer at our casino get updated in a time frame of 3 to 6 months.  As a result, players can take advantage of the high quality visual and audio features that these games are characterised by.

Online Slots compatible with all Mobile Devices


Most of the online slots with bonus games that we make available to our players at Strictly Cash can be played in a hassle free manner in Mac and Windows computers. These are also games that are compatible with Android phones and in phones that work on iOS

Slot Games get over Quickly and Easily

All the online slots with bonus games are of minimal duration and players do not have to waste longer than 15 minutes on a single game. Players can also make use of gaming tips and suggestions and that too for free in order to play our games with much success.

Play Cosmic Cat for Fun Online Gambling

Online Slots with Bonus

  • Cosmic Cat is a space themed game that comes with 3 reels and 1 payline. The major symbol in the game is that of a Cosmic Cat in a virtual galaxy who is ready to reward players hugely, while typical space age music plays in the background.
  • Cosmic Cat is a game powered by the Microgaming software that can be played at our casino for a base jackpot of £200,000.
  • We never charge a depozit amount of more than £200 from our players while the average cost per spin comes to £2 at the most.
  • Players can avail 10 to 15 free spins when taking part in the game of Cosmic Cat by Microgaming at our casino online.
  • The free spins become null and void after a period of 4 months and have therefore got to be availed very quickly.

Efficient Payment Options for Players toEnjoy

PayPal and credit kartice are some of the common means by which players carry out transactions at our casino. We also accept plaćanja that are made through the use of SMS Casino options or debit cards and receipts are always generated and sent to players on time.

Pay By Phone Bill

Mi nudimo Slotovi se plaćaju telefonskim računom options as well that may be used by players taking part in games at our casino on a regular basis. These are facilities that actually enable players to make deposit payments at the end of the month when they also pay their mobile bills.

Thus, it can be quite a good idea to take part in online slots with bonus games like Cosmic Cat here at Strictly Cash. We remain accessible at all times of the year and give players a marvellous gaming environment to play their favourite gambling games in.

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Cool Buck

Uživajte u igranju najboljih online automata poput Cool Buck za unosno kockanje na mreži

The vrhunski online slotovi koje nudimo ovdje u Strictly Cash-u su izuzetno popularni među kockarima širom svijeta jer je ovo vrlo zabavno igrati i brzo i lako preći preko toga. Naše igre poput Cool Buck također se mogu igrati koristeći uzbudljive bonus ponude poput besplatnih okretaja i besplatnog kredita za dobrodošlicu.

Najbolji online slotoviVrhunski automati za igranje automata za online igre - Iskoristite - Pridružite se sada!

Igrači mogu iskoristiti besplatne savjete za igranje kada sudjeluju u najboljim online igralionima u našem kasinu. Naše savjeti za igranje dostupni su na početku svake igre i prilično su jednostavni za razumijevanje takođe.

Online slotovi dobro funkcioniraju na svim mobilnim uređajima

Cool Buck

Vrh na mreži slotovi koje stavljamo na raspolaganje u našem kasinu poznato je da prilično dobro rade na telefonima koji rade na Androidu. Takve igre se takođe mogu igrati na uglađen i efikasan način telefoni koji rade na iOS-u, kao i oni koji rade na Windows-u.

Širok spektar igara za igrače na izbor

Raznolikost je nešto u čemu igrači zasigurno mogu uživati kada sudjeluju u najboljim online slotovima ovdje Strogo gotovina. Našim igračima dajemo na izbor od 50 do 100 igara svakog dana, a sve se često često ažuriraju.

Sudjelujte u automatima poput Cool Bucka za profitabilno kockanje

Slotovi se plaćaju telefonskim računom

  • Cool Buck by Microgaming jedna je od najboljih igara igrajte u našem kasinu kao osnovni Jackpot koji nudimo za ovu igru iznosi £ 150,000.
  • Troškovi opklade u prosjeku se procjenjuju između 0,01 i 0,60 funti, dok su minimalni depozit nikada nije veća od 200 funti.
  • Stotinu besplatnih okretaja su ono što igrači mogu iskoristiti kada učestvuju u Cool Buck-u koji pokreće Microgaming u našem kasinu.
  • Besplatni okreti ostaju na snazi samo 4 mjeseca, tako da igrači moraju to brinuti i iskoristiti što je brže moguće.

Izvrsni načini plaćanja depozita za igrače da uživaju

Mi nudimo Mogućnosti plaćanja putem telefonskog računa koju igrači mogu koristiti za obavljanje transakcija bez grešaka u našem kasinu. To su objekti pomoću kojih igrači plaćaju svakog mjeseca telefonski račun plaćanja umjesto bilo kakvih avansnih plaćanja tokom kockanja.

Slots Online

Također prihvaćamo plaćanja koja su izvršena korištenjem zaduženja kartice i kreditne kartice ili čak PayPal. Jednom plaćanje izrađen na mreži, račun će se odmah generirati i poslati kupcu e-poštom, a duplicirani računi mogu se naknadno dati i na zahtjev.

Stoga ne može biti ništa bolje od sudjelovanja u vrhu online slotovi kod Strictly Cash. Igre poput Cool Bucka izuzetno su zabavne i zabavne za sudjelovanje i privlačenje pozornosti kockara u gotovo svim krajevima svijeta.

Najbolji online slotovi - zadržite ono s čime osvajate Strogo gotovina

Cash Clams

Engage in Online Video Slots like Cash Clams for Great Money Online

There can be nothing quite like taking part in online video slots at Strictly Cash. Our games like Cash Clams are fun to engage in and can be played using free spins and free credit at times.

Online Video Slots

Awesome Prize Money to Target for Cash Clams – Registrujte se sada!

Cash Clams is a simple sea themed game with vivid graphics. It is characterised by 3 reels and just 1 pay line with symbols that include triple and double bar signs, single bar signs and a few crabs.

Players can end up winning as much as £50,000 when taking part in Cash Clams as this is the base jackpot that we offer for this game. The game of Cash Clams is powered by the Microgaming software and the wagering costs for this game range between £0.01 and £0.50 on an average.

Easy and Quick Transaction options for Video Slots Online

Cash Clams

Players can take recourse to Casino plaćanje telefonskim računom options in order to carry out transactions in a smooth and hassle free manner for online video slots. Those who do avail such facilities can actually make payments every month along with mobilni bill payments instead of having to make upfront payments.

We also allow our players to carry out transactions using debit kartice and credit cards. PayPal may be used as well for making transactions in a timely manner at our casino and receipts are emailed to customers for every transaction made.

Great Video Slots Bonuses toEnjoy

Online Video Slots Bonuses

We offer a wide range of bonus offer that players can take advantage of when they get involved in online video slots like Cash Clams by Microgaming. Players can avail 25 to 30 free spins at the very least when they partake in such a game.

We offer welcome credit bonuses as well to first time players of this game, valued at as much as £200. The bonus offers that we make available to players are hugely beneficial as it enables them to progress quite a bit in their gambling activities at our casino.

Online Slots

Terrific Services in Customer Care

  • Our customer services are certainly worth making use of as these are provided entirely for free.
  • Those who wish to use our customer services can do so over email and phone.
  • Our customer executives do not take longer than 3 days to respond to a single email.

Thus, playing online video slots is something players should not hesitate to do at Strictly Cash. Our games like Cash Clams are of short duration and can be played for huge prize money all through the year.

Online Video Slots – Keep What You Win With Strogo gotovina